Our story starts in 1973 with Steeple, a band made up of a bunch of 9th graders from Delano high school, who practiced through the year using a bizarre array of equipment. Brad brought an old wind organ with an electric bellows, Mike used Delano High School's Gretcsh bass and Standel amp, until he later acquired a Fender Jazz bass and a Showman amp. Joe had the Strat and a mostly functional old Mosrite amp. At least Pete had a nice 5 piece Ludwig drum kit. The group also worked on an eclectic array of songs including Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis), Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple), Frankenstein, (Edgar Winter Group), and bunch of other stuff they couldn't play.

Steeple had its debut at a Junior high dance when the chaperones stopped playing records 15 minutes early and opened the curtain to our intrepid group. Having only about 5 minutes worth of material, it was probably unwise to stop the records 15 minutes before the end of the dance, but what did they know?

Steeple continued to practice into 1974, but did not ever perform. The group's demise started when Joe went off to a prep high school far away. The remaining members held auditions for a replacement but could not find anyone who could play like Joe. Mike spent the next year in shop class building the flying "V" guitar which Joe can be seen playing in the photos on this site. Brad got himself a gig in the 50's band "Butch Automatic and the Four Speeds". And the rest of the group sort of decided that this was not going to be an ongoing venture for them.

Joe eventually returned to DHS and the band gave it a go again, but eventually dissolved due to personnel conflicts. A year or so later, Joe, Mike and Brad, decided to give it a go again, but this time with a different drummer since Pete, a decent drummer, was more interested in jazz and got tired of hearing Joe say "just HIT the darn thing!". They put an add in the local paper and auditioned several drummers from the area. Don "Skeez" Smith from Mound was hands down the best of the drummers who auditioned. (You should have seen Joe's eyes light up when Skeez started to warm up for the audition).

Skeez and Mike were big fans of progressive rock and proposed a new name for the group based on a really cool song by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The group Tank was born.

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